Photo of a Mitsubishi DLP TV.

$350 Total Mitsubishi DLP DMD Chip Replacement

Mitsubishi has quit supplying free replacement DMD chips for their DLP TV's over 7 years old with white or black spots in the picture.  We can still repair this problem for $350 total if you live in one of our local Zip Codes.  After our $20 cash discount, this is only $330.  There are no extra charges for travel.  Please call us at the phone number shown at the bottom of this page for an appointment.

Models Needing DMD Chip Replacement

WD57733 WD60C10 WD65835 WD73735 WD73C9
WD57734 WD65638 WD65837 WD73736 WD73C10
WD57833 WD65733 WD65838 WD73737 WD82737
WD60638 WD65734 WD65C8 WD73738 WD82738
WD60735 WD65735 WD65C9 WD73833 WD82837
WD60737 WD65736 WD65C10 WD73835 WD82838
WD60738 WD65737 WD73638 WD73837 WDC657
WD60C8 WD65738 WD73733 WD73838 WDY577
WD60C9 WD65833 WD73734 WD73C8 WDY657

For more detailed information, please go to our Distorted Picture Troubleshooting page.