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Audio/Video Installer Advice

There is no shortage of audio/video and home theater installers who are thrilled to come out and sell and install several thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars of fancy equipment for your home. Unfortunately, when your remote forgets its programming, when your surround sound receiver needs firmware updating, or when the cat steps on the remote buttons, many of these companies no longer know you. Rest assured that you will someday need help from the people who originally installed your system.  For this reason, it's important to choose an installer with a proven history of customer service after the sale.  We have personally dealt with the companies listed below, and we know that they help their customers with the same care that we do:

Steve worked for many years for Discount Sales, later known as Leigh Adams' Discount Sales, before starting the Audio Video Authority.  The experience he gained there, combined with a perennially cheery disposition, make this a company you will actually enjoy dealing with.  The excellent people here will also work with you to configure, rewire, and reprogram your own equipment, if you need some help.  This is now a mobile operation, but you can always reach Steve and his associates by phone whenever you need them.

Owners Ed and Brad have backgrounds in the construction, home theater, and home automation fields, so they can do any sort of remodeling needed to perfect your special system.  Theirs is a mobile operation, but you can rest assured they will be at the other end of your telephone when you need them.  They will also help you with your self-installed or pre-existing system.