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Prediagnosing for In-Home  Service


When you call a service center for in-home repair of your TV, you will find many companies eager to schedule an appointment for the same day or maybe a few days away.  Often, two sturdy guys arrive in a truck, say something like “Yup, it’s broke,” and haul your set away to the shop for repair.  Once your TV leaves, it is out of your control.  You then have to rely on the shop’s customer service people, if any, for updates on the repair, re-estimates, and so on.

When you call us, we set an appointment for the next time our technician will be in your area, which may be a few days away.  In the meantime, we collect all information we need to pre-diagnose the problem and order any needed parts in advance.  When needed, the technician will even call you to discuss the symptoms with you directly.  If he is not sure if part "A," "B," or "C" is the problem, he may even order all three parts, just to be sure he has what he needs when he gets to your house.  Of course, you are only charged for the part(s) that actually correct the problem.  Our goal is to complete the repair on the first visit, for the quoted Typical Repair price, and sooner than you would get your set back from the guys with the truck.