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Home Video Repair Rates
  Labor Rate Typical Parts Typical Repair
We no longer repair video camcorders. Please contact the manufacturer for camcorder repairs.      
We no longer repair sound bars.      
Still Cameras      
We do not repair film or digital still cameras.  Please contact Digitech or Ritz Camera for still camera repairs.      
Surround Sound/DVD Combos      
We no longer work on surround sound/DVD/Blue-Ray combinations.      
Surround Sound Receivers      
Surround sound receiver (small) $179.00 $46.00 $225.00
Surround sound receiver (large) 199.00 46.00 245.00
Stereo or A/V receiver (small) 179.00 46.00 225.00
Stereo or A/V receiver (large) 199.00 76.00 275.00
Estimate charge or bench check 40.00    
Stereo or A/V receiver (huge), Models , 2385, 2500, 2600, CR3020, G22000, G33000, SX1980 299.00 76.00 375.00
Estimate charge or bench check (huge receiver) 70.00    
We no longer work on VCR's of any type.      
Video Disc Players      
DVD or Blu-Ray single player $129.00 $26.00 $155.00
Dual DVD or Blu-Ray, or DVD or Blu-Ray changer, up to 6 discs 149.00 26.00 175.00
DVD or Blu-Ray changer, 7 or more discs 179.00 36.00 215.00
DVD or Blu-Ray recorder (w/ or w/o VCR) 159.00 36.00 195.00
DVD or Blu-Ray firmware upgrades not requiring parts 60.00    
Laser disc:  We no longer work on laser disc players.      
Estimate charge or bench check 40.00    

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