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Projection Lamps Stocked for Sale

We also now stock some refurbished lamp assemblies.  These are sold on an exchange basis at considerable cost savings and carry the same warranty as the manufacturers' original parts. Just look for the "/RB" designation at the end of the part number.

   For Hitachi, JVC, LG/Zenith, Mitsubishi, Sony, and Toshiba


Part # Models Price
UX21513 42V515, 42V525, 42V710, 42V715, 50C10, 50C10E, 50V500G, 50V525E, 50V710, 61V525E, 60V710, 60V715 $194.00
UX21517 50V720 194.00


Part # Type # Models Price
TS-CL110UAA = BHL5101-S TS-CL110 All HD-ILA models (HD52Z525, HD61G585, etc.) $248.50
TS-CL110UAA/RB TS-CL110 Refurbished lamp, exchange 141.50


Part # Models Description Price
6912B22007B 52SX4D, 62SX4D, Z44SZ80, Z52SZ80 Glass lamp, only $185.69
6912V00006C M52W56LCD, RU44SZ80L, RU44SZ81L, RU48SZ40, RU52SZ30, RU60SZ30 Complete cartridge $185.69


Part # Models Price
915B403001 WD60735, WD60737, WD60C8, WD60C9, WD65735, WD65736, WD65737, WD65835, WD65837, WD65C8, WD65C9, WD73735, WD73736, WD73737, WD73835, WD73837, WD73C8, WD73C9, WD82737, WD82837 $161.17
915B403001/RB Refurbished lamp, exchange 129.00
915B441001 WD60638, WD60738, WD60C10, WD65638, WD65738, WD65838, WD65C10, WD73638, WD73738, WD73838, WD73C10, WD82738, WD82838 161.17
915B441001/RB Refurbished lamp, exchange 129.00
915B455011 WD73640, WD73740, WD73840, WD73C11, WD73CA1, WD82740, WD82840, WD82CB1, WD92840 161.17
915B455012 WD73642, WD73742, WD73842, WD73C12, WD82642, WD82742, WD82842, WD82C12, WD92742, WD92842, WD92A12 161.17
915P020010 WD52327, WD52525, WD52725, WD52825, WD52825G, WD62327, WD62525, WD62725, WD62825, WD62825G 241.40
915P020010/RB Refurbished lamp, exchange 139.40
915P026010 WD52627, WD52628, WD62627, WD62628 241.40
915P026010/RB Refurbished lamp, exchange 139.50
915P027010 WD62827, WD62927, WD73727, WD73827, WD73927 269.80
915P027010/RB Refurbished lamp, exchange 147.80
915P028010 WD52526, WD52527, WD52528, WD62526, WD62527, WD62528 241.40
 (spec. ord.)
915P043010 WD52531, WD62530, WD62531 100.00
915P049010 WD52631, WD57731, WD57732, WD65731, WD65732, WDY57, WDY65 230.55
(spec. ord.)
915P049010/RB Refurbished lamp, exchange 139.50
915P049020 WD57831, WD65831, WD73732, WD73831 284.00
915P049020/RB Refurbished lamp, exchange 178.00
915P061010 WD57733, WD57734, WD57833, WD65733, WD65734, WD65833, WD73733, WD73734, WD73833, WDC657, WDY577, WDY657 284.00
915P061010/RB Refurbished lamp, exchange 152.00


Part # Type # Models Price
A-1606-034-B XL-2100U KDF42WE655, KDF50WE655, KDF55WE655, KDF60WE655, KDF60XBR950, KDF70XBR950, KF42WE610, KF50WE610, KF50WE620, KF60WE610, KF60WE620 $237.82
A-1606-034-B/RB XL-2100U Refurbished lamp, exchange 153.30
A-1085-447-A XL-2200U KDF55WF655, KDF55XS955, KDFE55A20, KDF60WF655, KDF60XS955, KDFE60A20 (no longer available from Sony) 274.99
A-1085-447-A/RB XL-2200U Refurbished lamp, exchange 153.30
A-1484-885-A XL-2000U KF50XBR800, KF60DX100, KF60XBR800 (no longer available from Sony) 216.65
F-9308-7500 XL-2400 KDF42E2000, KDF46E2000, KDF50E2000, KDF55E2000, KDFE42A10, KDFE50A10 292.50
F-9308-7500/RB XL-2400 Refurbished lamp, exchange 153.30
F-9308-7600 XL-5100 KDSR50XBR1, KDSR60XBR1 349.50
F-9308-7600/RB XL-5100 Refurbished lamp, exchange 164.25
F-9308-8600 XL-5200 KDS50A2000, KDS50A2020, KDS50A3000, KDS55A2000, KDS55A2020, KDS55A3000, KDS60A2000, KDS60A2020, KDS60A3000 (no longer available from Sony) 345.50
F-9308-8600/RB XL-5200 Refurbished lamp, exchange 163.25
F-9308-8700 XL-5300 KDSR60XBR2, KDSR70XBR2 (no longer available from Sony) 349.99
F-9308-9000 XL-2500 KDF37H1000, KDF46E3000, KDF50E3000 296.50
(special order)


Part # Type # Models Price
23311083 = 23311083A = 23311083X TB25-LMP 46HM84, 46HM94, 46HMX84, 46HM94P, 52HM84, 52HM94, 52HMX84, 52HMX94, 62HM14, 62HM15, 62HM84, 62HM94, 62HMX84, 62HMX94 $221.85
23311083A/RB TB25-LMP Refurbished lamp, exchange 167.85
23311153 = 23311153A D95-LMP 46HM15, 46HM95, 46HMX85, 52HM195, 52HM95, 52HMX85, 52HMX95, 52MX95, 56HM195, 56MX195, 62HM15A, 62HM195, 62HM85, 62HM95, 62HMX85, 62HMX95, 62HMX195, 72HM195, 72MX195, 221.85
23311153A/RB D95-LMP Refurbished lamp, exchange 167.85