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Sony CRT TV Shutdown Troubleshooting

Turn the set on.  The STANDBY/TIMER LED will blink green for a while and then stop.  If the LED does not blink green, you may need to unplug the set for about a minute, plug it back in, and then turn it on.  When the set shuts down, the STANDBY/TIMER LED will blink red a few times, pause, blink a few times, and so on.  Count the number of blinks in each group and look it up in the table below.  Unfortunately, most of these problems will require a technician to repair, but you will have the code your technician needs to diagnose your problem.  If your technician doesn't know what these codes are, find a different one.


# of Blinks Meaning Probable Cause/Fix
Does not light green or red No power Plug in AC cord, Replace main internal fuse, or repair power supply
2 B+ 135V overcurrent Something on the 135V line is drawing too much current.
3 Low B+ overvoltage Repair the power supply circuit.
4 No vertical deflection Repair vertical deflection circuit.
5 White balance failure Adjust SCREEN control on flyback transformer, repair Ik or CRT drive circuit, or replace CRT.
6 Low B+ overvoltage or overcurrent Unfortunately, almost any circuit can cause this code.
7 No horizontal deflection Repair the horizontal deflection circuit.
9 Zero-crossing detector failure Repair the power supply circuit.